Monday, April 6, 2009

March!!! The Breakthrough Month

March was a the Breakthrough month. Many of us following the Lord Jesus have found ourselves in almost impossible situations these past few years and we have wondered when it was coming to an end. Things didn't work out as we expected, but God has seen us through and God has given us the strength we need each step of the way. I am so grateful. How 'bout you?

Has it been rough? Can't see any breakthrough? Look back again, just to March 1st and then follow the days. Sometimes it's hidden in the manusha of our lives and the onslaught from the evil one. But it was there. Breakthrough. Maybe it doesn't look like what we want but it's there.

For me it was an attitude change. The stopping of feeling sorry for myself, because I choose to follow what God told me to do, and yet the harvest hasn't burst out of the windows of Heaven like I expected. And yet there was abundance, because I ate everyday. Everyday I had water to drink and didn't have to hike to a river and carry it back on my head. Yep, I could turn on the tap and take safe, clear, clean, cool water and drink. I am grateful, because some are in the hospital right now and they are not able to drink anything. It's all going in through a tube.

I wanted a change from my position walking on the water and there was a shift. Not out of the water yet, but I think further down the rolling river. I'm still blogging...see, even though the devil wanted me to stop and sent distractions so I wouldn't do what God said. God assures me that even though I may have to expose myself on these blogs, there are some of you out there that need to read that someone else is going through a situation and is still hanging on. Praise His Name!

Our Abba Father is something else. Is anybody else reading The Shack? It's a great analogy of what a character our God is. He isn't the meany, the Bible, church and Christians try to portray Him. Why, He is Love. How do we juxtapose such Love with being mean and judgemental. My Father in heaven loves me. His Son Jesus Christ is going to be married to us the Bride. Warrior brides we are and hence our constant fight on Earth. Really the battle of the mind. Not letting our traditions and family and religious beliefs cut us off from the happy, abundant, glorious lives we are supposed to be living down here until Christ comes again.

O.k. that may be enough for the day. Remember you are not alone and the Spirit has tens of thousands of us who are listening and obeying only Him, who are going through struggles right now. Know that we have the victory every day, claim it and walk around like you've got it!Princess Ayo