Friday, December 3, 2010

Are You Twice Dead?

Jude talks about people in Church being "twice dead" (Jude verse 12c). I've never known what the Lord meant through Jude, but I heard a teaching on it recenty and I believe this is from the Lord. Jude is saying there are people in the Church that Jude was complaining about who don't have anything to talk about that God is doing in their lives right then. These church folk only have tales about what God did with them at one time. It is all old stuff, dead stuff, happened long time ago. They have nothing God is doing in them right now.

Oh my!, I thought. Here I am, in a rush to get though this time. But let me rejoice because this is a time when God is doing something in my life. God forbid I move on and God not have anything for me to do.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Dahntay my six year old grandson asked me the other day, “Grandmother, what does God eat?” Well of course I said God doesn’t need to eat, but just as I said that the Holy Spirit said, “Tell the boy I eat his praises”. And so I complied. As any six year old he drank it in and God caused it to come out of my mouth so smooth and clear that Dahntay didn’t even have a comeback or further questioning. “God eats your praises Dahntay. When you tell Him how great He is and how much you love Him, He eats that.”

I was grateful for the Lord’s intervention because I had never thought of that myself.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ode to the Spirit of the Living God

He will lead me to the right things.
It won’t be hit and miss, but I can trust my spirit now to follow Him.
I’m listening to Him and seeing Him, even if not with physical eyes.
He’s here right now and loving on me.
He’s relaxed so I can be relaxed.
There is nothing to fear.
He is looking at me.
Watching me.
Looking at the world with me.
He’s actively pressing me forward. Gently encouraging.
Don’t step out of the work, He says.
Stay in. Slow down.
Enjoy every moment.
Don’t get off yet and go your own way.
Don’t listen to those who are saying it’s up to you.
It’s not up to you, it’s up to Me
and I appreciate you giving Me the room
you’ve given for Me
to do what I need to do.

copyright 2010 Carroll Ayo Durodola

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where is the Breakthrough?

On a online forum recently a sister wrote, “Where is the breakthrough?” I hear you sister I’m waiting for my breakthrough too. We are wondering what is going on? How long will we wait. God has sent me out, without a purse, extra cloak, etc., as he sent the 12 & 72 in the Gospels, and He has told me to go on in faith and I did. I’m still out here, waiting on Him, like a waiter, serving Him. He gave me instructions and tightened me up even more over the last few weeks, that I should write children stories and keep writing. And as a pastor said recently, I’ve been "writing with one hand and doing spiritual warfare with the other".

But I felt for this sister who was so frustrated because the breakthrough was not coming. What I saw from the exchange in that forum, is that people don’t have patience anymore with a whole lot of words, they want some action. All kind of talking is just tiring us out. We want some action like Jesus talked about – go into all the world preaching the gospel, healing the sick and casting out demons. We’ve grown up in church that harps on going into all the world preaching the gospel, but very little miracles or spiritual warfare. We’re annoyed with our ‘shepherds’ and ourselves and now we want real answers when things don’t work out.

The only One who can give us real answers is the Holy Spirit. He’s here now. He’s here to teach us. He’s available to us and we have to reach in to Him and give up trying to figure it out and stop expecting Him to be on our timeline. When is it going to come!!!! How long should I wait? Am I doing the wrong thing? I must be wrong, ‘cos God’s not wrong. What spiritual warfare should I be involved in?

What I’ve found when I get into this whirlpool of thought, is to look up and start praising God. Even though I can feel the frustration of my sister, I am grateful she came out and expressed herself, because it sounded so much like me, that I was riveted. Those whirlpool moments do stop but it’s not over. They stop and then when I think I’m pretty well stable in faith, they hit me again when I least expect it.

One assurance I have from God is that He will not disgrace me. That I will not regret following Him. The lack that I’m experiencing now is just a hit at my pride, because I have to stay with friends and family and they have to supply all my needs. So I am taken care of, just like God said, but not the way I want or expected. I am grateful, however, for friends and family and that my lot was not to have to live in a homeless shelter, which two women of God that I know, had to go through.

I see that there are so many of us so frustrated that the Lord is going to have to use all kinds of ways to keep us on track and on our way to victory. Buckle up kids, it’s going to be like a Get Smart movie!!! Don’t miss it ‘by that much'.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year & Praise God for Haiti

Welcome to the new year everyone! How awesome that we get to be here. Even though it's already the 13th, it is still a new year and decade. How wonderful that we still have this life. Some of us wouldn't have minded leaving Earth last year and going on to Heaven, but we are glad to be here, as to live is Christ and to die gain for us that believe in Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm writing to you for the first time in 2010 on the day after Haiti experienced this horrible earthquake. Some of us have heard the prophecies that some terrible things, natural disasters, will happen this year. The Father in heaven has told us not to be afraid as He has already told us that these things would happen and they signal the end of the times we are living in now. We can rejoice, the Bible says, because this shows that the time for the coming of the Son of God is soon. Our redemption draweth nigh!

So we pray for Haiti and praise God with them as many, they say, over night were singing hymns and praising God. Amazing. We don't include Haiti as one of those countries we should pray for regarding their opposition to the gospel. But Haiti has been inundated over the decades by voodoo and many demons of oppression and poverty and bondage. So we should have been praying for them. But look at what our Lord Most High is doing. He has His people there in such numbers and they have been having such an effect, that hundreds of people know to praise God. One eyewitness said it was so beautiful to hear through the night, of darkness and after shocks, people singing praises to God. They said the singing was loud and so beautiful. I will let myself believe that it was so loud because angels were joining them in praise.

Folks, I tell you, with all the things God is doing in my life since January 1st, this just thrills my heart. God is awesome and He's got it. He's got it people. All we have to do is rest in Him. He will tell us what to do to help, how to pray and we can rely on His wisdom and Love.

I love you Haitian people and my granddaughter, Naomi Amber Remilekun Abrahams, who is half Haitian. God loves you Haiti and the devil will not win!