Saturday, July 19, 2014

Out for a Walk - Quick!

When we talked last I was 56 years old. Imagine. I'm now 58.
Nice to talk to you again. I went out for a walk. Ahhhh! Quickly before I could prepare too much, I headed out to Lake Newport. if you don't do it quick, tentacles of doubt and suckers of distraction take hold and you sit back down in your comfort zone and wish. So I'm out here before 9 a.m. with my first cuppa, reading the Word and writing. It must be 60 degrees in mid-July in the N.E., USA and a steady breeze is blowing. Only I and an Indian couple are out here. He in his 'sahib' turban and her in her Indian tunic & pants. We share a bench because if I had known the red water bottle here was hers and not a forgotten gem I would have sat elsewhere. The Sahiba's I guess, since that's the name on it. Or that's her first name and they have a houseful of people, so she has to identify her own. If I had known we would have had no reason to look into each others eyes and smile, besides the "Hello" we made on the way. So I'm glad God made sure I sat here. I bet he is a doctor. I bet they have oodles of money and very successful children. The stories we make up:) Oh the lake. Beautiful.