Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A lot of things we go through is because people who say they love us, don't believe God has called us to do and act the way we are. They speak against us and those words hurt us just because they are said, whether we hear them or not. Words are powerful whomever says them but especially a believer in Jesus Christ. When good words are spoken about us anywhere, it is uplifting even if we don't hear them. When these negative family and friends see the effect of their words on us, not knowing that's what is happening, they conclude that we are rebellious, of on a tangent or having a nervous breakdown. Be careful what you say to people. It can hurt them. Be care what you say about someone. It can hurt them, even if they don't hear you. I may have shared in my blogs times when God tells me to bind up words some are saying about me. He lets me know that some people somewhere are saying negative things about me or about the call on my life or about His work in me and I am to bind up those words in Jesus' name and cast them out of this world. Something my late dad used to say comes to mind when someone in the family seemed to be making a wrong decision and I would ask him what he thought. He would say, "Well, I don't want to oppose it because in doing so I might be fighting God" So be careful people and let the Holy Spirit lead you.