Friday, January 30, 2009

Casey - A Children's Story

Skipping along in the sun rays across her granny’s huge backyard, Casey followed the rays all the way to the big oak tree. She slid into a grassy spot as if she was a baseball player coming into home plate, just like her big brother taught her. Sitting back relaxing against the trusty oak’s wide trunk, like she was on granny’s big fancy couch, she pulled out her juicy pear. Grandpa had picked it for her, just before she left the house. “Yipee” her soul seemed to say, as she got ready for the delicious juice of the ripe fruit.

Two squirrels dropped out of a branch close to her and didn’t run away. Maybe because she was so quiet eating her pear. Then one squirrel started chasing the other who was hiding something. Casey named them, Tom & Jerry, as she started on the other side of her pear.

Tom was hiding something and Jerry acted like it was supposed to be his. Jerry was determined to get it and was not going to stop trying. Tom headed up the tree again and Jerry right after him. Casey could see what Tom had – it was a huge piece of an apple. There was no way Tom could keep running and jumping from tree limb to limb and hold on to that big piece of fruit. It was too big for his mouth and he kept adjusting it, so it wouldn’t fall out.

Tom and Jerry’s big bushy tails flicked up and down in anger. Tom was angry that Jerry wouldn’t let him eat in peace. Jerry was angry that Tom wouldn’t let him have a piece. Tom almost fell out of the tree, trying to adjust the fruit in his mouth, but he saved himself and jumped safely to the ground, Jerry ran down the trunk right after him. Both of them on the ground, Tom seemed to come up with a smart idea. He broke the fruit in two and left one half on the ground and moved off with the other. Jerry jumped at that piece and both squirrels were happy.

Casey didn’t know that squirrels could do that or think that way. They taught her a lesson. When her cousins came to play, they always wanted to play with all her toys in her toy chest. She didn’t want them touching her toys and dolls and especially Teddy, but just like Tom, the squirrel, she would have to learn to share. After all she couldn’t play with all her things at once. Tom, the squirrel wouldn’t have been able to eat that piece of apple in peace, unless he shared it.

Sometimes God gives us so much that we really have to share it, or we won’t be able to carry it. That happened to one of Jesus’ disciples - Peter. Out fishing one day, he had caught nothing until Jesus sent him out to fish again and he got so much that he had to call other people to help him bring them in. I’m sure he had to share some of the catch for all his use of their boats. Another person in the Bible who had too much was a little boy in the crowd of the 5,000, who were hungry and tired after listening to Jesus teach for days. He had 5 loaves and 2 fishes. That’s too much for one little boy since 3 loaves was for one grown man to eat a whole meal. The little boy gave his too much to Jesus and 5,000 men with their wives and children (making probably 20,000 people) ate and were full and he got to take 12 baskets home! I wonder how he carried them.

©2009 Princess Carroll Ayo Durodola

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