Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where is the Breakthrough?

On a online forum recently a sister wrote, “Where is the breakthrough?” I hear you sister I’m waiting for my breakthrough too. We are wondering what is going on? How long will we wait. God has sent me out, without a purse, extra cloak, etc., as he sent the 12 & 72 in the Gospels, and He has told me to go on in faith and I did. I’m still out here, waiting on Him, like a waiter, serving Him. He gave me instructions and tightened me up even more over the last few weeks, that I should write children stories and keep writing. And as a pastor said recently, I’ve been "writing with one hand and doing spiritual warfare with the other".

But I felt for this sister who was so frustrated because the breakthrough was not coming. What I saw from the exchange in that forum, is that people don’t have patience anymore with a whole lot of words, they want some action. All kind of talking is just tiring us out. We want some action like Jesus talked about – go into all the world preaching the gospel, healing the sick and casting out demons. We’ve grown up in church that harps on going into all the world preaching the gospel, but very little miracles or spiritual warfare. We’re annoyed with our ‘shepherds’ and ourselves and now we want real answers when things don’t work out.

The only One who can give us real answers is the Holy Spirit. He’s here now. He’s here to teach us. He’s available to us and we have to reach in to Him and give up trying to figure it out and stop expecting Him to be on our timeline. When is it going to come!!!! How long should I wait? Am I doing the wrong thing? I must be wrong, ‘cos God’s not wrong. What spiritual warfare should I be involved in?

What I’ve found when I get into this whirlpool of thought, is to look up and start praising God. Even though I can feel the frustration of my sister, I am grateful she came out and expressed herself, because it sounded so much like me, that I was riveted. Those whirlpool moments do stop but it’s not over. They stop and then when I think I’m pretty well stable in faith, they hit me again when I least expect it.

One assurance I have from God is that He will not disgrace me. That I will not regret following Him. The lack that I’m experiencing now is just a hit at my pride, because I have to stay with friends and family and they have to supply all my needs. So I am taken care of, just like God said, but not the way I want or expected. I am grateful, however, for friends and family and that my lot was not to have to live in a homeless shelter, which two women of God that I know, had to go through.

I see that there are so many of us so frustrated that the Lord is going to have to use all kinds of ways to keep us on track and on our way to victory. Buckle up kids, it’s going to be like a Get Smart movie!!! Don’t miss it ‘by that much'.

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  1. May the Lord continue to draw you towards His Truth that is found in God's Holy Word! I pray for you and and the lady you mention- that the Lord may grant wisdom and understanding, to open your eyes to the spiritual world that we live in. The Lord gives to those who ask, and answers those who knock. The Lord is faithful to those who seek Him with all their hearts, minds and souls. As we Fear the Lord by obeying His commands, he is faithful to shine light into our lives and to direct our ways as a good shepherd does. Let's persevere in faith until God calls us home!