Friday, December 3, 2010

Are You Twice Dead?

Jude talks about people in Church being "twice dead" (Jude verse 12c). I've never known what the Lord meant through Jude, but I heard a teaching on it recenty and I believe this is from the Lord. Jude is saying there are people in the Church that Jude was complaining about who don't have anything to talk about that God is doing in their lives right then. These church folk only have tales about what God did with them at one time. It is all old stuff, dead stuff, happened long time ago. They have nothing God is doing in them right now.

Oh my!, I thought. Here I am, in a rush to get though this time. But let me rejoice because this is a time when God is doing something in my life. God forbid I move on and God not have anything for me to do.

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