Friday, December 26, 2008


Keresimesi Odun de O (Yoruba for Merry Christmas!)

At this time the Lord wants us Christians to trust Him. I was reading my poem, "The Lord is Good", (published now on and it had me crying with joy all over again. Many of us are in muddy waters or it seems so. We have disastrous things happening to us and really there is nowhere else to look but at our situations. But the Lord wants us, especially at these times to look full in His wonderful face and trust Him. Even if the eviction notice is on the door, even if the tow truck man is ready to repossess your car. Trust the Lord.

He has allowed this situation to see if you know where to look. To see if you know where to put your faith.Trust Him. Trust Him. Trust Him. Where else can you look? Some of you are between a rock and a hard place, especially financially and you've been tricked or feel tricked economically. Most black folks laugh, that these economic down turns don't bother us, because we don't have anything anyway. But this time it is touching everyone. Those it hasn't touched yet, it will.

The Father God wants to see us crawl up in His 'lap' and relax. Trust Him. He will tell you what to do.If you trust Him, you won't have to run around hoping that this or that will work. He will direct you. But if you're flailing your arms around desperate, He won't be able to help you because you won't listen to Him. If you've ever tried to save someone who is drowning, as I have, you know they are very cumbersome, because they are trying to save themselves. Sometimes you have to knock them out and make them unconscious so you can tow them in.

Some of you are in a 'tow in' situation. That is, you've made a mess and the Lord is 'towing' you in. Others are in the will of the Lord. You knew it once, but now you're doubting. He's not 'towing' you in, He's carrying you higher. Relax and let Him. The odd feeling you're having, is you, changing to a new spiritual altitude. Obedience is very important here. Do exactly what the Master says do. More importantly - relax!The Lord loves you and is moving you along.

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