Friday, December 19, 2008

What does it mean to rest?


What does it mean to rest?

1. Not thinking about anything

2. Quietly listening to God and talking to Him
But, in a long space of days when you are not doing anything.
(We have a fear that as we go on being quiet we will sink and float away.
Loose our mind.
Never get ourselves back together again.
It will be harder to come back to slaving away.)

3. Sitting around doing nothing and not feeling guilty or manic about it.

Look, God ardently wants you to be still. He needs you to rest. Rest alot. It's a word I've been hearing for the body of Christ for some years now. Rest. Rest. Rest. We are doing far too much running around. Rippin' and runnin', my mother calls it. Slow down, first. Then get into rest. Lie down. Why is this such a problem? Why not rest. Rest is a blessing of the Lord. Guilt, children, husbands, parents, friends, ourselves all stop us from resting, but we won't be as effective if we don't rest. I mean a nap! Yeah, I said it. Lie down and sleep. This gives God more time to speak to you in dreams and visions.

Believe. This is going to make things soooo much better for you. Rest on!

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