Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do It Again

One thing God is telling us, His children to do, is to “do it again”. If we did things in the past and they didn’t work, or all our work has been stolen, lost or burnt, Jesus our Bridegroom says “do it again”. Have you ever lost an e-mail you were writing to someone and it was so good, so clear, with the right tone? Then it was gone. It hadn’t been sent, it wasn’t saved, you couldn’t find it and the technology department couldn’t find it either. So you realized you just would have to do it again and when you did, you were convinced that this new e-mail was better, by far than the former. That you included things left out of the first, presented in a way not done before. The same with your life. We miss so much when we bemoan having to do something all over again. But everywhere on Earth today, God is saying “do it again!”

Some years ago, in 1988, a great writer, Rita Dove, lost a lot of her manuscripts in a fire, when her house was hit by lightning. It was devastating I’m sure. When this happened to her I’m sure she had to go on and decide to forget it or start writing again and even write the manuscripts again that she had been working on.
Trust the Lord. Now when you hear that and remember a past experience, you whine, “I did that before and it didn’t turn out well. I was evicted from my home.” Well, you will have to do it again. Now, that is really hard, but it must happen. You cannot go on in the Christian walk if you don’t do it again. Imagine if you refused to bless others and help them because the last time you did, it turned out badly. You could miss so much and so would these new people. Listen to God. Let Him tell you what to do. Trust Him and trust Him again.

Trust in the Lord, with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. Prov. 3:5

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